Gaute Animation

Welcome to my site, this is the place where my best animation and other 3d related work gets put up. You can also find my Twitter, Facebook site, YouTube and more in the other sites section. I'm a graduate from Vancouver Film School: 3D Animation and Visual Effects, and are now using my time to do new projects and to get better. When I don't work with this I usually enjoy playing some games, watch movies or do some hiking in the beautiful nature existing in my home country Norway.

Have a pleasant stay, enjoy my work and have fun. I'm always open for any messages or feedback you want to give, and I'm looking forward to hear from you.



    Global Game Jam

    On 29-31 January 2016 I attended to Global Game Jam in my hometown Grimstad, it was fun to do that a third time and I got to work with 4 great and skillful people going to the University in Agder. We built a simple 2d single player strategy game in the short time we had. It's about gathering food, water and materials for you civilization to prosper, but to survive you also need to please different Gods, Gods who are jealous at each other and there is always one that will dislike you sacrificing one thing to please an other God. Kinda like rock, paper, scissor. We haven't got to implement anything showing what one God like to get sacrificed over an other, but basically God of Water don't like if you sacrifice water, God of Sun doesn't like sacrificing of materials and God of harvest sacrificing food. You will have to see what kind of disasters happening to figure out what kind of god is unhappy with you.

    Sorry for the typo, we went out of time before we got to fix it.

    Game Jam 2016: remember to play in 800x600 or 1024x768 as the game isn't set up for higher yet, and it's the Source files zip that you have to download, not the Executable one.

    Game Jam 2013: